Lebanese ministry calls for ban of 'Wonder Woman'

"Wonder Woman" is all about female empowerment, so many believe that casting Gal Gadot as the titular character was the flawless choice, given that she embodies everything the heroine stands for.

This is the second time the organization has taken on the Israeli Wonder Woman and lost.

After sputtering off the starting line, Wonder Woman is - finally - the superhero film DC fans have been waiting for since the entertainment company kick-started its cinematic universe with 2013's Man of Steel. And while Wonder Woman is still on track to premiere in Beirut on Wednesday, the country's interior minister could still ban the film at the last minute following a recommendation from the six-member committee.

The AP could not reach officials at Lebanon's Economy Ministry or Warner Bros. for comment. Following and overwhelming positive first reaction to the film and favorable critics' buzz, reviews of Wonder Woman sing high praises for the origins movie.

Wonder Woman hits theatres on Thursday June 1.

Lebanon is now at war with Israel, and has a law which boycotts Israeli products as well as barring Lebanese citizens from travelling to Israel or making contact with Israeli citizens.

Reflecting tightening of censorship, an Egyptian movie about a celebrity Muslim cleric, Mawlana, and a Lebanese movie, Beach House, about friends discussing their identities were banned in Lebanon earlier this year.

The recent trend in making superhero properties even more appealing has been to make them R-rated; with Fox finding tremendous success in this regard with both Deadpool and Logan. "I think she's probably pretty kickass, and it's a whole new way to empower women", she said.

"Mawlana" was later shown after cuts were made, said one cinema manager, speaking on condition of anonymity because of the ongoing controversy.

This of course makes flawless sense, and PG-13 is truly the lowest a WWI movie could realistically go, being one of the most brutal and lethal conflicts in human history.

Now, there are talks that the follow-up film for "Wonder Woman" may be exploring different time periods.

However, previous efforts by the ministry failed to ban "Batman vs Superman" past year, in which Gadot was also starring. "You can't empower women if you don't educate the men and you don't teach the boys, so as much as it's important for girls to be exposed and see this movie, it's important for boys to have a strong female figure that they can look up to".

  • Salvatore Jensen