Kerbal Space Program Purchased By Take-Two Interactive

In a press release, the publishers of Grand Theft Auto, XCOM and Civilization, Take-Two interactive revealed that they have now officially acquired Kerbal Space Program.

We have very exciting news to share with the KSP community today: Take-Two Interactive has purchased Kerbal Space Program.

Knowing Take-Two's penchant for publishing across PC and console, this can only mean positive things for the continued life of Kerbal Space Program on the Xbox One. The developer is now working on the Making History Expansion for the game. "They share your passion for the game and we're really eager to see what Squad and Take-Two can do together for Kerbal Space Program moving forward!"

Squad are now working on the Making History Expansion for Kerbal Space Program and confirmed that everyone who purchased a copy of the game through April 2013 would still be receiving free DLC as promised, despite the new takeover. This will be a free update for anyone who already owns KSP on Xbox or PS4.

For those who haven't played Kerbal Space Program, it's a humorous sandbox space sim, in which you build rockets, rovers, and various other aircraft, and carry out missions as unusual little creatures called Kerbals.

Happy launchings! The KSP Development TeamThe news follows recent word that Valve hired members from the team to work on an unannounced project. Piggybacking on Zelnick's comments, senior VP Michael Worosz explained that KSP is viewed as a beloved property with a long-term future that will hold a position of respect in Take-Two's portfolio. Which is pretty standard, and only highlights the fact that Valve still actively hire's people based on innovative work. For now, it's great news to see Kerbal Space Program getting the recognition it deserves.

KitGuru Says: Squad is one of the very few developers to do Early Access right, including announcing the launch of other versions of the game after the announcement of a full release for the original.

  • Arturo Norris