Katrine Conroy confident NDP will form government

"Justin Trudeau promised that 2015 would be the last election held under our antiquated First Past the Post voting system, which produces false majority governments with a minority of the popular vote", said Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada (MP, Saanich-Gulf Islands).

"We are optimistic that the value of our communities, our people and the work that we do will be understood and appreciated by our government and that informed and collaborative conversations will take place", she said. However, he hoped the parties could all work together.

"I am looking forward to getting back to work", said Ashton.

The BC Greens and BC NDP have taken the next step in their pursuit of power in the B.C. Legislature.

"I think British Columbians, quite frankly, are sick and exhausted of being told that the 20th-century economy is the economy of tomorrow", Weaver said at the news conference alongside Horgan.

"There's an bad lot that can be done in British Columbia to stop the shipping of diluted bitumen in our coastal waters", he said. Should that government fail in a confidence motion, which seems likely, the Lieutenant Governor then has the responsibility of calling another election or asking the NDP to form government. As it stands now, Liberal leader Christy Clark is still Premier.

With no party gaining the majority of seats, B.C. Lieutenant Governor Judith Guichon must invite either the Liberals or the NDP to form a government.

Horgan and B.C. Green leader Andrew Weaver announced their agreement Monday, a "four-year framework" in which the Greens pledge to support an NDP government on confidence votes such as passing a budget and a bill to supply money to the government.

In a minority agreement released on May 30, the NDP-Green alliance indicated they would fight the federally approved Kinder Morgan project, and said Site C will proceed for the moment but will go under review a short time after the two parties assume power.

"We can probably guarantee that [the Speech from the Throne] - and [Clark] even said that - that it's not going to be passed in the house", said Conroy.

Does a switch from NDP to Green in two South Island constituencies signal voters' desire for an NDP-Green coalition?

Horgan campaigned on a promise to use "every tool in the toolbox" to stop the twinning of the pipeline, which would increase crude oil tanker traffic in the Port of Vancouver to about one vessel a day.

"I am very excited to let you know that your BC Green caucus has struck an agreement across party lines with the BC NDP".

Horgan struck a conciliatory tone in his remarks to NDP MLAs, 15 of whom are new to the legislature. We had very constructive negotiations with both parties, and we are grateful for the seriousness with which the B.C. Liberals approached our negotiations.

"It's going to be different in there", said Horgan.

"The challenge here is to demonstrate to British Columbians, as we are today, that people from different political persuasions can come together in the interest of British Columbians so people don't fear minority governments, in fact, they embrace them", Horgan said.

  • Zachary Reyes