House approves to raise Illinois minimum wage to $15

The lawmakers stated this during the consideration of the amendment of the National Minimum Wage Act, Cap.

The report didn't examine the minimum wage, which is now indexed to inflation and had been set to rise from $11.40 to $11.60 in October, but Wynne said raising it will make a difference in millions of people's lives.

The #RaiseTheWage Act will get rid of the tipped sub-minimum wage once and for all!

The first increase from $7.25 to $8.35 took effect June of a year ago; the last increase - from $9.50 to $10.50 - will take effect in 2018, according to the law.

Democrats and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) maintain that they are trying to help low-income individuals, describing a $15-an-hour minimum wage as a "living wage", arguing that it would help lift people out of poverty. Today, Kathleen Wynne announced a slew of proposed changes to the province's labour law.

The House of Representatives, Tuesday, moved the process of making the review of the national minimum wage, a periodic exercise of every five years.

The bill which seeks to make provisions for periodic review of the national wage every five years and for other related matters, came on the heel of agitation by the organised labour for the upward review of the current N18,000 national minimum wage to N56,000.

Before the minimum wage increase to $15, however, there will be an election in June 2018.

"We won't see big impact on poverty", she said, largely because most minimum wage earners are "very young or very old".

It will establish fairer rules for scheduling so employers will be required to pay three hours' wages if they cancel a shift with less than 48 hours' notice.

"We are shocked and appalled that the government is broadsiding small business owners with a 32-per-cent increase in the minimum wage within only one-and-a-half years", said CFIB director Julie Kwiecinski.

‎Hon Gbajabiamila ‎while speaking said that, "year in year out people clamour for increment in the minimum wage". The problem with his thinking is that all raising this wage is going to do is increase inflation, which means higher prices on all goods and services. "Small businesses, who don't share the larger profit margins of big business, will be forced to make hard choices".

"It's a delicate balancing act that has to be considered moving forward".

Each side builds its data and projections while minimum wage workers rally and demonstrate under the Fight for $15 movement.

  • Zachary Reyes