Gregg Allman, who helped spawn Southern rock, has died, publicist says

Keyboardist Chuck Leavell, a member of the Allman Brothers Band in the mid-Seventies, remembered Gregg Allman in a touching tribute following the Southern rock pioneer's death at the age of 69.

A statement posted on his official website reads: "Gregg passed away peacefully at his home in Savannah, Georgia. Playing music lifted him up and kept him going during the toughest of times", the statement continues.

Allman founded the Allman Brothers Band with late brother Duane, and the group blended a stew of influences with virtuoso musicianship, inspiring generations of musicians.

Cher moved on with Kiss guitarist Gene Simmons but talked about her ex and how she tried to help him in his battles with drug and alcohol in an interview with People in April 1978, noting that "nobody ever made me feel as happy as Gregory did". "So I thought about that and I called him [Burnett] back and said alright what time do you want me to be there?"

It's a very sad news that touched Cher. Joining us to tell us more about him is music journalist Amanda Petrusich. Back in March (17), he chose to scrap all of his 2017 scheduled performances to focus on getting well. In its heyday, the band was a staple on radio stations and released albums ranked among the best in rock history.

Indeed, Gregg Allman's vocals were distinctly grizzled yet on pitch ideal, and it was his performance ethic combined with mainstream accessibility that launched the Allman Brothers into mega-stardom as the first true "jam band" to also have top radio hits. Then 13 months after Duane's death, bassist Berry Oakley was killed in a similar motorcycle accident only a few blocks from where Duane had been killed. That music has been labeled "Southern rock" thanks to the band's home base in Macon, Ga. - but it was much more than rock, and it reflected a lot more than the South.

Allman's brother Duane, a co-founder of the group and a legendary guitar player, died in a motorcycle accident in 1971 at the age of 24. I mean, even independent of all of the incredible things that they did musically, it was just such an act of dissent from the start.

Allman had suffered the effects of hepatitis C for many years, leading to a liver transplant in 2010. "I didn't really want to, I was exhausted and I wanted to go home and see my pups".

"This nearly cancelled the whole thing right here - he said, "by the way, you can't bring you're band", and I've got a kick-ass band, " Allman told me.

Allman's final performances took place in October 2016 at the Laid Back Festival but withdrew from his winter tour that year due to vocal injuries.

The Allman Brothers Band continued to perform and record, for various labels and with a variety of musicians, over the next four decades, despite disbanding and regrouping at points during the 1970s and '80s. "If somebody offered me a second round, I think I'd have to pass on it".

  • Salvatore Jensen