Gambling on esports is now enshrined in Las Vegas law

The Governor of Nevada has today signed into law a bill which legalises off-track pari-mutuel sports betting in the state. The bill is set to come into effect on July 1st, 2017.

The Senate Bill 240, which is the new addition to the state's legislation, has been called "the eSports betting bill" but it actually does not include the term "eSports" anywhere in its text. Those sites reported that the "other events" language in the bill allows for wagering on eSports.

Parimutuel betting on competitive videogaming and awards shows has been enshrined in law in the USA state of Nevada, following passage of a bill in the state legislature over the weekend. The witnesses included entrepreneur and former FPS champion Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel, who referenced his own training regime to convince regulators that esports players should be considered "athletes".

He also went on to say that he hopes esports events could one day be held at the T-Mobile Arena on the Las Vegas Strip.

As esports grows and becomes highly popular around the globe, proper structures have to be added to the activities surrounding it, including esports betting. Senate Bill 240 will modify the Nevada statutes regarding pari-mutuel betting systems to include competitive gaming, as well as award shows like The Oscars. Making esports wagering a part of the bill is a great example of proper progress.

Besides being the first US state to offer legal betting on esports, Nevada is going big on esports. Nevada regulators have already sanctioned esports wagering in Vegas sports books, but now it will be officially enshrined into law.

eSports has the potential to be big business in Nevada.

Las Vegas is also slowly becoming a hotspot for esports competitions as Sin City welcomes the industry.

The Halo Championship Series and Madden NFL Championship taking place in Millenial Esports' 15,000 square-foot venue was a success.

  • Joanne Flowers