Egypt to Compensate Victims of Minya Attack on Coptic Christians

Pakistan strongly condemns the terrorist attack on a bus carrying Coptic Christians in Minya province of Egypt, resulting in the loss of numerous precious lives and injuries to many.

"They say that only civilian properties like houses, farms and vehicles have been damaged".

In response, Egyptian President el-Sisi ordered air strikes against terrorist bases in eastern Libya that were linked to Al Qaeda.

He also appealed to U.S. President Donald Trump to lead the global war against terror.

The link between Derna and Friday's attack was not immediately clear, but Egypt has repeatedly expressed concern over militants crossing from Libya to Egypt to conduct attacks.

"There was enough information and evidence of the terrorist elements involved in the (attack) having trained in these camps", said a statement released by the Egyptian Foreign Ministry.

"Egypt will never hesitate to strike terror camps anywhere. if it plans attacking Egypt whether inside or outside the country", Sisi said.

A suicide bomber attacked a church in 2011, and there have been deadly clashes with Muslims, especially in the rural south, following disputes over church construction.

President Abdel-Fattah El-Sissi, who called for an emergency security meeting after the attack, assured the Coptic Pope Towadros II in a phone call that the attackers will be punished.

The ISIS terror group has claimed responsibility for the attack the Coptic Christians, the second major attack on Egypt's minority community in almost two months.

In addition to last month's Palm Sunday attacks, a December attack on a Coptic church in Cairo left 25 people.

One survivor, a small boy who seemed to be about six, said his mother pushed him under her seat and covered him with a bag.

Majlis al-Shura spokesman Mohamed al-Mansouri said in a video posted online that the Egyptian air strikes did not hit any of the group's camps, but instead hit civilian areas.

In past attacks, Egypt had usually identified local jihadists as the perpetrators.

Coptic Christians, which make up about 10 per cent of Egypt's 91 million population, have faced persecution in Egypt, which has spiked since the toppling of Hosni Mubarak's regime in 2011.

The Egyptian affiliate of IS has also killed several Copts in North Sinai, forcing dozens of families to flee in January.

In late April, Francis visited one of the bombed Coptic churches and condemned violence carried out in the name of God.

  • Leroy Wright