Durant not feeling pressure of NBA Finals expectations

The Warriors have assisted on 70 percent of their shots this season, which is the highest rate in 13 years. I think that Kevin Durant going to the Warriors made them less likable. He did not provide an address, but confirmed the home belonged to the National Basketball Association star.

The future of Kevin Durant.At some point, the TV debating duo of Jeff Van Gundy and Mark Jackson are bound to take sides on whether the first-year Warrior should opt out of his contract and return to Oklahoma City next season or unpack his bags and settle in.

"He's given us a huge boost", James said of Williams in April. I got to do my part and we all got to make it come together as a group.

One of the reasons the Warriors have been so dominant in recent years is due to their depth. "We have to have great floor balance because this team is risky in transition". On several occasions, we ran it by people in the game and found that it wasn't as insane as we'd thought possible. But Thompson is not anxious about his shooting woes, at least not until the Warriors start losing games.

"It's definitely special to be a part of, but I think when you're on the battlefield you don't really have time to just sit back and really think about how big it actually is", Thompson said. "[I'm] due for a few big games or whatever. Can't get caught up in your shot falling or not". "I kind of just live in the moment, and if I'm able to accomplish something, then it kinds of adds to it on its own". He's been present at practice and recently traveled with the team at the end of the Warriors' sweep against the Spurs.April 23, 1950 - In the first official NBA Finals, the Minneapolis Lakers beat the Syracuse Nationals, four games to two.But just the appearance and availability of Kerr was the latest sign that he's feeling a bit better by the day. He did miss a game, and came off the bench in another, but his game was clearly off. LeBron's play in the 2015 and 2016 finals were truly legendary. Now he comes into this series off a sizzling conference finals series, shooting 62 percent against Boston.

Some of the nation believes the best thing about the National Basketball Association is Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith and Ernie Johnson, who have taken studio analyst jobs and turned them into a jet plane of entertainment.

Cleveland features the greatest active player in the National Basketball Association in LeBron James, who makes the princely sum of just more than $30 million a year. Many people know that Larry Bird and Magic Johnson meet in three NBA Finals but not three straight finals. And despite having seen these two teams so many times over the past couple of years, Breen will still do his regular preparation for this series like he would any other, with a specific focus on box scores and notes from the last two Finals. That's a lot of effort expended, especially considering Curry was just coming off an injury. With the starters healthy and rested, though, the Warriors lineup will rarely lack the presence of an all-star, the exception being a complete blowout. He also is posting 5.5 rebounds, 5.5 assists and 1.92 steals per contest.

  • Julie Sanders