Dashcam footage released from Tiger Woods' DUI arrest

Woods is then unable to successfully tie either shoe, and eventually the officer has Woods take off both shoes before performing the field sobriety tests. It was initially reported that Woods was drunk, but after police reports confirmed that he hadn't tested positive for alcohol in his system, the story changed to Woods' prescription-drug use.

Woods, 41, was arrested on Memorial Day after police in Jupiter discovered the golfer just after 2 a.m. asleep in his vehicle, which was stopped in the right lane of the road.

Video footage of Tiger Woods being arrested for allegedly driving under the influence has been released by police in Florida.

Sports commentator Skip Bayless raised the question of why Woods did not appear to have known how his body would react to the medication he had been taking for a long time and chose to get behind the wheel.

On the legal side, one criminal expert suggested Woods made a mistake by claiming publicly that prescription medicine was to blame.

Katie Phang, a former Florida prosecutor, said the statement in which Woods took full responsibility could come back to haunt him if he fights the charge.

The officer asks if Woods has been drinking and he replies no.

Woods also said in the post that his long-term prognosis for returning to professional golf is positive but that he won't be able to twist his back for another two to three months.

When he is asked to recall his instructions after being asked to say the alphabet, he tells an officer they are "not to sing the national anthem backwards".

Golf.com released a two-minute version showing Woods perform the test on their Twitter page. Despite Woods failing the sobriety test administered by police, a breathalyzer test later revealed 0.00 blood alcohol level. When asked if he has anything else on him, like a necklace, Woods responds, saying he has "a few screws in the body", referring to past surgeries.

Woods, who was also cited for improper stopping, standing or parking, is scheduled to be arraigned on July 5.

Woods apologized to his family, friends and fans, thanked police and vowed to "do everything in my power to ensure this never happens again". He has played just one PGA Tour event since August 2015 because of other back surgeries. "I didn't realise the mix of medications had affected me so strongly".

  • Carolyn Briggs