Clinton slams apparent US-Russia collusion against her

The California Republican is under a bipartisan House investigation into whether or not he shared classified information, but according to the congressman, the entire thing is all overblown - and it's because Democrats don't want to blame Hillary Clinton for her own defeat.

To pull it off, Russians would have needed to be "guided by Americans", she added later.

Hillary Clinton speaks at a conference in Rancho Palos Verdes on May 31, 2017. "You would be a great advisor to one or more of our tech billionaires who want to buy some media", Clinton joked to Mossberg.

Many people online called for Griffin to be jailed. Seems to me that special counsel Robert Mueller is going to have to minutely examine past and present dealings between the Trump and Kushner business empires and powerful interests in Russian Federation.

"I inherited nothing from the Democratic Party", she said.

Clinton rejected the suggestion that giving six-figure speeches to Goldman Sachs and other special interest groups had hurt her candidacy. "Dump it now, '" she said.

Clinton talked at length about Russian involvement in the 2016 contest, referring to USA intelligence assessments that Russia not only meddled in the election, but did so to help Trump defeat Clinton. "It was a mistake, I've said it was a mistake and, obviously, if I could turn the clock back, I wouldn't have done it in the first place. So I hope that we'll get enough information to be able to answer that question". And I think it was interesting I know you had Dean McKay here from The New York Times yesterday, and they covered it like it was Pearl Harbor.

The GOP used a firmer grasp of various forms of media to the advantage of its candidates, she said.

During the talk, she also attached plenty of responsibility to alleged Russian hacking of her campaign chairman's emails, which she repeatedly suggested required the support of someone connected to the Trump campaign.

See her full comments in the video below. "I never believed that".

Her comments sparked outrage from many on Twitter, including President Donald Trump, who said Clinton "refuses to say she was a awful candidate".

Sean Spicer refused to admit Trump's tweet was a typo when he addressed reporters Wednesday, saying.

  • Leroy Wright