Aetna may move headquarters out of CT

"I think it is clear that Aetna decided a long time ago to relocate their corporate headquarters out of Connecticut", Bronin said. Bronin got it right with a statement Wednesday.

Aetna has not formally announced any move; a local blogger reported the company was ready to take it's headquarters to New York City.

Gov. Dannel Malloy held a news conference on Wednesday afternoon and said he could not discuss the company's decision-making process, but the state has made efforts to ensure that Aetna remains a major CT employer.

"That's why they said bailing me out, GE, is not the answer".

He added that it's possible Aetna will make the move in a similar way General Electric did when they moved their headquarters to Boston previous year.

By mid-May, Malloy would propose a package of incentives to Bertolini that included grants and loans that were unspecified, but with a clear sense that money was not going to knock CT out of the game.

"Last week's announcement of Aetna's commitment in partnership with other Hartford corporate stalwarts to provide $50 million to Hartford over the next five years as part of larger stabilization of the city is commendable", Malloy wrote.

In an employee e-mail, C-E-O Mark Bertolini said Aetna's in talks with other states about the move.

"We don't have to be NY or Boston to be competitive, but we have to recognize that strong, fiscally sound, culturally vibrant metropolitan areas are key to economic growth", he said.

Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin said earlier in the day that the company would shift its headquarters. "We remain committed to our Connecticut-based employees and the Hartford campus, and hope to have a final resolution by early summer".

"Losing Aetna's flag is a hard blow for the state and for the greater Hartford region". He also reiterated his stance that suburbs around Hartford need to share in the costs and efforts of revitalizing the capital city.

Aetna has a worldwide workforce of nearly 50,000 and now employs about 6,000 people in CT.

Malloy and Broning both said they expect Aetna to retain a large footprint in Hartford, regardless of where it ultimately locates its headquarters.

"I don't know what we could have brought to the table to keep them here".

Malloy said he and other state officials have been in talks with the company over many months concerning their long term strategy, but at the time he spoke he had not been notified by Aetna of any intention to change its footprint in CT. As a state, we need to act boldly to change the things that need to change.

  • Zachary Reyes