What to expect on WWE Smackdown

Becky tosses Carmella into the timekeeper's area and then dives onto her. Tamina dismantles the commentary table and looks to attack Charlotte, but Charlotte fights back and posts her. Charlotte then works over Natalya, heads up top and moonsaults onto Tamina & Natalya.

Both men spent came up through NXT and would go on to become NXT Champion.

Corbin and Kevin are in control until Sami manages to get to his corner and tag in Shinsuke, then Kevin gets sent into Corbin who drops him.

Since this is WWE, of course the tag team match is going to happen. Before too long, Sami Zayn runs down for the rescue, resulting in Sami Zayn scheduling the opening match of the night because evidently Shane-O-Mac out sneaker shopping.

The match was teased earlier in the program, as the hungry Dolph Ziggler interrupted AJ Styles backstage interview segment with Renee Young.

WWE Money In The Bank 2017 is just three weeks away, and while the participants for the traditional men's ladder match have already been announced, rumours of a women's bout persist. Fandango distracted Primo and Breeze hit the unprettier for the win.

- We get highlights from last week's Punjabi celebration for WWE Champion Jinder Mahal, as well as media clips covering the title win. He said that Mahal has earned an ass kicking.

- RAW announcer David Otunga is set to make his WWE TV return during the Extreme Rules Kickoff pre-show next Sunday but he won't be returning to RAW until the end of the summer. Mahal said that he is the present and future. They then use water guns on the colons and toss them to the floor, which didn't work out well as the one was supposed to catch the other, but instead splatted to the mats on the floor. But Ziggler successfully evaded AJ's repeated attempts at a Styles Clash. Styles went for the Styles Clash but Ziggler blocked it and rolled him up for 2. Styles blocked the Fameasser and Ziggler hit him with a headbutt. Ziggler missed a superkick and Styles went for a springboard move but Ziggler knocked him down then hit a superkick for the win.

Ziggler claws at Styles' eyes to escape the Calf Crusher.

Ziggler celebrated in the ring to close the show.

This was some of the best stuff we've seen from The Showoff in months.

  • Salvatore Jensen