Water pipe explosion in Ukraine destroys cars and buildings in its proximity

CCTV footage shows a woman walking past as asphalt and sludge were thrown up a few metres high, but reports said that she was unharmed.

She glances towards the freakish scene a split second before the explosion.The Daily Mail and other publications reported that she was uninjured.

The pipe failure happened Monday in the southern part of Kiev during a hydraulic test conducted by the municipal utility company Kievenergo.

After the explosion, a river of water can be seen thundering down a nearby street.

A high-pressure water pipe explosion has sent a huge bulge of soil and torn-to-pieces concrete flying in Ukraine's capital Kiev.

In the video, a pedestrian casually walks past just moments before the explosion, reminiscent of a geyser shooting into the sky.

For the testing, only cool water was used but council chiefs have been slammed for suddenly flooding pipes with a lifecycle of just 25 years after nearly four decades of inactivity.

  • Carolyn Briggs