Watch Tom Cruise confirm that 'Top Gun 2' is finally happening

When the host said, "Top Gun 2, please say it's true", he responded, "It's true".

Speaking on Australia's Sunrise on 7 breakfast TV show the 57-year-old actor addressed rumours that he was working on a sequel to the classic 1986 film and he confirmed "it's true".

The showbiz world is abuzz with excitement with the news that Top Gun 2 is in the works.

As a film that truly skyrocketed Cruise's career long ago, Top Gun is a credible film and must-see if you haven't already. I know. It's happening. "It's happening, it's definitely happening". You are the first people that I've said. "It's going to happen".

That chimes with a tweet from producer extraordinaire Jerry Bruckheimer late past year suggesting that Top Gun was making inroads with a sequel.

When asked about it, Cruise simply said the two were "trying to figure it out".

There had been rumors of a Top Gun sequel since past year, when Cruise revealed he was in talks with Top Gun producer Jerry Bruckheimer and co-star Val Kilmer (who played "Iceman").

The original movie centers around a military crew attending the Top Gun school at MCAS Miramar, and San Diegans still recall local film locations.

He plays coy, but eventually Graham Norton got Tom Cruise previous year to admit he's interested in a Top Gun sequel.

Kilmer was also asked if the on-screen rivalry between his character Iceman and Cruise's character Maverick was present off-screen as well.

The rumored sequel to Top Gun has been a passion project for Cruise and producer Jerry Bruckheimer.

Top Gun doesn't strike as a film that needs a sequel, but you're getting one anyway.

  • Salvatore Jensen