Trump criticises Germany after Merkel questioned US reliability

His comments came as Merkel is emerging as the world leader most openly at odds with US President Donald Trump, saying days ago that Europe could no longer completely rely on traditional ally the United States and needed to find its own way.

Modi and Merkel led a joint cabinet meeting grouping foreign, economy, environment and other ministers in their fourth intergovernmental consultations - a format Germany has only with a few countries, also including China, Israel and France.

Gabriel also criticized the Trump administration for selling weapons to Saudi Arabia, its refugee policy, and its lack of commitment to fight climate change.

While speaking on his tour of Germany, who are also the reigning FIFA World Cup champions, the Indian prime minister said that Bundesliga has a huge following back home in India.

German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel was blunter yesterday, slamming the USA president's "short-sighted" policies that have "weakened the West" and hurt European interests. India is giving an impetus to next generation infrastructure and for this, "We want to work extensively with Germany".

Germany is the largest trade partner for India in the European Union and one of the leading sources of foreign direct investment into the country.

Trump's policy toward climate change is another point of contention with many European countries. The growing rift between Berlin and Washington under Trump marks a sharp contrast in comparison to mostly close relations under former president Barack Obama.

Mrs Merkel said Germany's relations with the United States are of "outstanding importance" but it must engage with other key nations going forward.

There are several problems with Trump's focus on the trade deficit with Germany.

"The way we can work on that together where we have discussions, where we agree, is going to continue to be based in openness, in frankness, in robust exchanges", said Trudeau.

"Nevertheless, Germany owes vast sums of money to North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and the United States must be paid more for the powerful, and very expensive, defense it provides to Germany", Trump said in a two-tweet statement after meeting with Merkel for the first time in March.

  • Leroy Wright