Tiger Woods claims "that alcohol was not involved" in his DUI

More disturbing images of Tiger Woods emerged Tuesday in the black-and-white details of police reports, depicting him sound asleep behind the wheel of a vehicle parked awkwardly on the side of a six-lane Florida road with two flat tires, the engine still running and a blinker flashing. Police in Florida say Tiger Woods has been arrested for DUI.

Mr Woods was picked up by officers of Bolice Police Department in Florida after he was found passed out behind the steering well. Although he had difficulty in performing multiple field sobriety tests, his alcohol level was recorded at zero in a pair of breathalyser tests administered around 4:30am.

The golfer said on his website last month that he had been experiencing severe back and leg pain and recently underwent an operation to treat a damaged disc.

The police report clearly backs up Woods statement that no alcohol was involved in his arrest.

According to an incident report, a police officer "asked Woods where he was coming from to which he stated "LA" and I then asked where he was coming from tonight to which he stated LA again and that he was on his way down to Orange County".

He was released at 1450 GMT according to police records, with a mugshot posted online showing the golfer looking bleary-eyed and unshaven.

"I didn't realize the mix of medications had affected me so strongly", Woods said in his statement. "I don't know what's going to happen [now]", Nicklaus added.

Woods was heading south, away from his Jupiter Island home, before his arrest at about 3am on Monday US time, according to the report.

"I think we all are anxious about Tiger", the player said, "but you have to ask, 'What was he doing at that hour, and why is he taking Vicodin?' I thought he said a few days ago that he never felt better".

Tiger Woods on the third hole during the final round of the Chevron World Challenge golf tournament.

Tiger Woods is claiming that he wasn't drunk or on illegal drugs at the time of his DUI early yesterday morning, but that he was having a reaction to prescription medication.

"I feel bad for him", said Jack Nicklaus at a press conference. "Do I think he will now? It's very hard to play golf and do the things he does without a drastic change of his golf swing after a fusion operation". He needs a lot of support from a lot of people... "I wish him well".

The report revealed Woods had "extremely slow and slurred speech".

Woods will face an arraignment hearing on July 5 before Judge Sandra Bosso-Pardo. "Tiger's a friend, and he's great for the game of golf".

  • Larry Hoffman