Spokane man missing after falling from cliff at Palouse Falls State Park

Palouse Falls State Park includes 105 acres and is named after the 198-foot Palouse Falls on the Palouse River.

Signs have been posted warning visitors of the dangers associated with getting too close to the cliffs in the rocky terrain.

A fence was placed in late 2015 to keep people off the trails, but reopened about a year later.

"I can't tell them they can't be here, it's a park", said Capt. Rochleau. He said in April of 2016, a person drowned while swimming below the falls.

Officials from Columbia Basin Dive Rescue said the man was taking a photo with his girlfriend Monday afternoon when he lost his footing and slipped from a cliff.

Rescue and recovery crews found the body of a Spokane man who fell into the water at the Palouse Falls State Park.

A witness said he saw a young woman climbing up the rocks, screaming that her boyfriend had fallen.

Although rescue and emergency crews returned for a second day of searching for him at Palouse Falls State Park in Washington on Tuesday, the Franklin County Sheriff's office is deeming their efforts to be a "search and recovery". The assessed the area, but were not able to enter the water.

  • Larry Hoffman