Spicer Insists Trump Has 'Unbelievable' Relationship With Merkel After Trip

President Donald Trump's first appearances at the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and Group of Seven summits were a disservice to the US and the world.

And this despite a Tweet from Trump on Tuesday morning, in which he called out Germany for having a large trade deficit with the USA and not paying their fair share on defense spending. Merkel tried to get Trump to commit to the Paris accord at the weekend's G7 meeting.

Her message was also directed at Britain.

Senior German politicians responded swiftly to his tweet.

He also said that Ms Merkel's comment was not necessarily negative. "We want the European Union to become stronger and India will play a positive role towards that through the medium of Germany", he told reporters at a joint briefing with Merkel, who hosts Chinese Premier Li Keqiang tomorrow.

On Saturday, Modi will hold his first meeting with newly-elected French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris before returning to India.

In a speech to a German-Indian business forum later on Tuesday, Mrs Merkel took another tilt at a president elected on a ticket of "America First", referring to "a whole series of protectionist tendencies" emerging worldwide.

"But we must know, we have to fight for our own future", she said.

Merkel is running for re-election to a fourth term in next September's national elections, and it does her more good to denounce Trump than to speak of policy convergence.

The comments follow criticisms of the USA from both of Germany's ruling coalition parties, including directly from Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Spicer asserted that Trump views not just Germany, but the rest of Europe, as an important American allies.

Far from backing the agreed-upon Paris Agreement on climate change, Trump said instead that the U.S. needed more time to determine whether they were going to abandon it. I have experienced this in the last few days.

In recent times, India has attracted about 74 German companies which have business plans worth investment of Dollars 1 billion, Gurjit Singh told PTI as Prime Minister Narendra Modi held talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and signed eight agreements. "And the answer of the chancellor is that we have to bring into this alliance, not against this alliance, but into this alliance, a stronger German hand". Mrs Merkel's Social Democratic predecessor, Gerhard Schroeder, publicly disavowed George W. Bush's invasion of Iraq in a trans-Atlantic rift that Mrs Merkel worked to fix upon her election in 2005.

Singh said German companies were also being urged to form consortiums with European and non-European companies to undertake mega projects in India, especially their participation in smart cities which would require different disciplines, expertise and technologies.

The Ministry of External Affairs on Tuesday said Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chancellor Angela Merkel have chose to strengthen Indo-German counter terrorism cooperation.

"Transatlantic ties are of paramount importance to us. but the current situation gives more reasons for.us to take our destiny in our own hands", she said, stressing that "Europe must become a player active in worldwide affairs".

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is focused on external relations.

  • Leroy Wright