Sean Spicer returns with a press briefing for the ages

Officials said he tried to set up back channels with Russian Federation for private communication.

White House spokesman Sean Spicer abruptly walked out of his press briefing Tuesday as journalists shouted questions after him, highlighting the increasingly adversarial relationship between the Trump administration and the reporters who cover it.

The Fox story leaned on an anonymous source who said that the topic did come up, but it was the Russians, not Kushner, who suggested a back channel and the objective of the private talk would have been to talk about Syria. "I can get back to you".

Spicey was also asked to explain two Trump tweets that directly contradicted positions the White House has taken on healthcare and the media.

"The reason the president is frustrated is there is a use of unnamed sources about things that are happening that don't ultimately happen", he said.

The BBC's James Landale mistakenly believed that Trump was not listening to a translation of remarks by Italy's Paolo Gentiloni because Trump was not wearing headphones, like his fellow world leaders.

"He's very pleased with the work of his staff", Spicer told the media.

Is anonymous sourcing fake news? . To see narratives that are wrong. That's the kind of thing that the BBC and ultimately a reporter who is joining The New York Times push out and perpetuate with no apology?

But this approach often forces aides to make outlandish claims that simply draw attention to the weak points of Trump's trip or time in office instead of the highlights, said Mike Murphy, a longtime GOP consultant who ran the political action committee for Jeb Bush's failed presidential campaign.

That taunt appears to have come from CNN's Jim Acosta, who had, moments earlier, pressed Spicer to give an example of the "fake news" that the White House incessantly complains about. "I think he is frustrated, like I am, and like so many others, to see stories come out that are patently false".

Spicer told the reporters: "With all due respect, I think when you see instances like that get perpetrated over and over again, that is frustrating", adding the press "get to decide what is big and what is not".

Is it "fake news" to say Trump is a climate denier? Trump was reported to have met both men at the White House on Monday, as he seeks to form a "war room" to combat negative publicity and get his stalled legislative agenda back on track.

  • Leroy Wright