Private jet carrying Sunny Leone diverted due to bad weather

Sunny Leone also posted a video on Instagram, in which she said: "Our plane nearly just crashed and now we're in some remote place in Maharashtra and now we are driving home".

Actress Sunny Leone's private plane nearly crashed through bad weather in Maharashtra today. Her plane apparently encountered bad weather and was about to crash but her pilot managed to avert the tragedy.

Leone captioned the video as, "Thank the lord we are all alive! But You know it's bad when the pilot starts praying mid air!" she said. She wrote she was counting her stars way back home.

She followed it up with a thank you note to the pilots, "Have to thank the pilots 4doing such an awesome job getting us through&alive".

The "Ragini MMS 2" star also shared a video in which she assured fans that everyone on board escaped unhurt. Their private plane nearly crashed due to poor weather conditions but fortunately pilots managed to avert the tragedy. Now we are driving home. She goes on to pan the camera towards Daniel, who takes a sigh of relief nearly as if he doesn't believe it himself and says, "We are alive!".

But the pilot decided not to proceed with the remaining part of the journey as the weather was not conducive, the source added. Then in a series of tweets, the sizzling actress thanked the pilots for managing to avoid a crash. Our pilots were so incredible.

  • Arturo Norris