Patrick says Straus is causing a special session

Abbott, a longtime champion of a convention of states to amend the U.S. Constitution and reign in federal power, made passing a resolution calling for one an emergency item this legislative session.

Texas' House let the issue languish for months, then on Sunday approved a more modest version applying only to schools. But Texas? The GOP-led legislature still wants to pass its bill before next week, which is when - get ready - lawmakers will peace out until 2019.

Patrick has said he would use the sunset measure as leverage. "He is one person overriding the vast majority of the elected representatives of the House who supported 2899". "They could lose their primary if they go against the bathroom bill, or against the abortion bill, or against the sanctuary city bill".

"The gap between what the real truth is and what was said is about as wide as the Grand Canyon", said Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, who presides over the Senate. The NCAA pulled sporting events and the state faced losing billions of dollars in related economic fallout, though some opposition has quieted since North Carolina lawmakers voted in March for a partial repeal.

Both companies say they'll be rolling on Austin's streets again Monday, when Gov. Greg Abbott is expected to sign into law a bill that puts the state - not local governments - in charge of regulating the ride-hailing industry.

Lawmakers were resolving last-minute issues ahead of Monday's final adjournment — but their focus was already shifting to whether Gov. Greg Abbott would order them back to work if a law, like the one that caused national uproar and costly boycotts when it was approved a year ago in North Carolina, doesn't pass in Texas. The amendment, added by the House in a last-ditch effort to save those state agencies and avoid the need for a special session, was necessary because the House failed to pass a standalone bill to extend those agencies' lives. They urged abandoning the bathroom bill.

Prosecutors say a Texas nurse who is in prison for the 1984 killing of a toddler and who faces new charges in the 1981 death of an infant is suspected of killing as many as 60 young children around that time. The legislation Patrick is pushing for, also known as House Bill 28-99, would require a person to use the restroom that matches their gender at birth.

"They're not getting off scot-free".

Late Friday evening, Texas Sen.

If the Legislature succeeds "in forcing discrimination into Texas law, you can bet that Lambda Legal will be on the case before the next school bell rings", Jennifer C. Pizer, senior counsel and director of law and policy at the national gay rights group, said in a statement.

  • Leroy Wright