Officer who shot Tamir Rice is fired in unrelated matter

One of the Cleveland police officers who shot and killed 12-year-old Tamir Rice has been fired for unrelated reasons.

Loehmann shot Tamir less than three seconds after arriving at Cudell Recreation Center.

The officer who was with Loehmann when Rice was shot, Officer Frank Garmback, will be suspended for 10 days starting Wednesday - and will be required to attend additional tactical training - after being found guilty of rules violations relating to tactics deployed that day, McGrath said. He was not fired for the shooting, but rather for lying on his application and violating other administrative policies.

During the course of the department's investigation, it was revealed that Loehmann had lied on his application about disciplinary actions taken by previous employer Independence police, WKBW reported.

"There's a 12-year-old kid, dead".

The death of Rice, who was African-American, came to exemplify the kind of complaints about excessive use of police force that have defined the Black Lives Matter movement.

At the news conference announcing Loehmann's firing Tuesday, Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson offered "condolences to the family of Tamir Rice". Exhaustive, indeed. As of the time of this posting, Loehmann fired the fatal shot that killed Rice 2 years, 6 months, and 8 days ago. In March, a dispatcher who did not tell officers that the 9-1-1 caller said Rice's gun was probably fake and that Rice was a child was suspended without pay for eight days. "He should never have been a police officer", she said.

Police Chief Calvin Williams admits the termination might not have happened had the department not looked into the shooting.

"When this happened in 2014, I made the comment that this is an unfortunate tragedy, but more unfortunate that it happened at the hands of a Cleveland police officer, and we would do everything in our power to ensure an event like this wouldn't happen again", Williams said.

As the Plain Dealer reported last month, CIRC already "found no fault in the officers' actions leading up to, during and after the November 22, 2014 shooting at Cudell Recreation Center on Cleveland's West Side".

  • Larry Hoffman