Nicola Sturgeon raises prospect of a SNP-Corbyn 'progressive alliance' in Westminster

In a speech in Perth today (Tuesday 30 May) the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon outlined her party's position in contrast to the ideology of the UK Tory party and its Scottish party, which she claimed was "representing the hardest of Brexit, damaging Scotland and its economy".

"My message to all voters in Scotland is this: whether you voted Leave or Remain previous year, or Yes or No in 2014, vote SNP on 8 June to give me a mandate to demand a place for Scotland at the Brexit negotiating table, so we can work to keep Scotland in the single market", she added. But with the a whole opting for Brexit, Sturgeon has been pushing for another independence vote after the negotiations with the European Union are completed.

Willie Rennie, the party's Scottish leader, will insist a second vote on the issue is the "last thing" the country needs.

Mrs May has fleshed out her proposals for a new Commission for Countering Extremism to advise the Government on how to "stamp out" extremism.

The Scottish Lib Dems meanwhile are on four per cent of the vote, down from the 7.5 per cent they secured in 2015 and the 7.8 per cent they secured in the constituency vote of last year's Scottish Parliamentary election.

Labour, which reigned over Scotland for decades before the SNP's ascent, fell into disarray under Jeremy Corbyn's divisive leadership - leaving the Conservatives to pick up most of the unionist support.

She added: "This election offers people the opportunity to give [the proposals] democratic legitimacy and make it impossible for the prime minister to continue to ignore Scotland's voice".

However, the party, which can only win a maximum of 59 seats while it only stands in Scotland, can only put pressure on a governing party to act on its recommendations.

"The wedding has been slightly postponed, but we'll get to it eventually", she said.

The manifesto also hints that the party would work to end the cap on pay rises for people who work in the NHS and other public sector roles.

After 62% of Scots voted to keep the United Kingdom in Europe, Ms Sturgeon instructed Scottish Government staff to start drawing up the necessary legislation for another vote on the issue.

Nicola Sturgeon has once again confirmed that her number one priority in this election is her plan for another unwanted and divisive independence referendum.

SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon will set out her party's manifesto tomorrow, which she argues will free up £118 billion of public investment and pose a "credible alternative" to the Tories and Labour. In 2014 a Scottish independence referendum was defeated by 55.3% to 44.7%.

"But while this poll might indicate that little has changed during the course of this election campaign, it confirms that this election is now heading towards a somewhat different outcome from that in 2015", he posted on his blog.

Ian Lavery, Labour's election co-ordinator, told a rally in Glasgow last night that "it's only the beginning in the Corbyn project" regardless of the result on 8 June.

  • Joanne Flowers