New Pokemon App Looks Like Pokemon Rumble For iOS And Android

The wide-spread Pokemon Go fever has now died down and people have returned back to their couches.

A new mobile game of Pokemon is now being tested in Japan on Android devices: it is called as Pokeland, title belonging to the series of Pokemon Rumble, probably coming later this year.

Not much else was revealed about Pokeland, but we may hear more of it in the future.

The Next Web calls the game a "fusion between Pokemon Go and Rumble". The game now allows beta players to access the first 15 levels only.

First spotted by Kotaku, the mobile game is presently available in closed beta for users in Japan.

Nintendo has already selected around 10,000 recruits to test out PokeLand on Android, where the game is now going in alpha testing mode. Users will log into their Nintendo Account, allowing Miis to appear in-game.

While the game has no specified release date, you can register for the open alpha on the game's website. There is now a total of 134 types of Pocket Monsters with six islands and 52 different stages.

Of course, if you take that to mean that this is a true-to-form Pokemon game, you're going to end up disappointed. With that being said, the game also follows the standard series formula as you can collect and train all kinds of Pokemon.

Those that play the alpha test won't be able to transfer their progress across to the final game as all data will be wiped before the official game is released.

  • Carolyn Briggs