Let's go through Donald Trump's Tuesday morning tweets!

Twitter strictly forbids users from buying followers or interactions. A quick scroll through Trump's most recent followers shows that many of them appear to have the standard human silhouette photo (previously a Twitter egg) and share similarities in the number of followers, tweets, and lack of profile pictures.

President Donald Trump's personal Twitter account is drawing hordes of new followers - by one count, 3 million in less than a week.

But first, a note about Trump's Twitter habits this month. He has a big enough following of real, live people that he was able to win the presidency via the Electoral College (if not the popular vote).

Rather than humans, they are robotic networks - known as bots - created to look like human followers but actually just computerized accounts.

Even in the last week, the number of fake accounts filling up the president's Twitter followers list has spiked.

We know that Russian Federation has used fake Twitter followers in the past as a way to spread disinformation. On that account, he has 18.1 million followers.

On Tuesday, a separate tweet from author John Niven asserted that many new Twitter accounts did not have corresponding photos.

Last October, Inquisitr reported that almost one third of pro-Trump tweets were tweeted out by bots or fake Twitter accounts.

Many of these characteristics are hallmarks of bots or fake accounts that are run by computers, experts say.

Hundreds of people, however, are now questioning where the fake followers are coming from on Twitter. Jaden Smith, for example, has 6.39 million followers of his @officialjaden handle. Chaz Bono has only 145,000 Twitter followers, but a full 97 percent of those are real. Hillary Clinton? She has 15.7 million followers and 61 percent of those are real, according to Twitter audit.

While an avid user of Twitter, Trump has never reached the number of followers that former President Barack Obama has.

In February, Trump had 23 million followers and 5 million of those accounts (20 percent) were inactive or bots, Taub said. Of those, 92 percent were deemed to be real accounts. As The Hill reports, at about the same time that Donald Trump's following surged by millions of Twitter accounts, many Twitter users were reporting that they had actually been blocked by the POTUS on Twitter. So we chose to do some investigation into who trumps new followers are. "There is definitely some weird stuff going on in terms of followers".

  • Larry Hoffman