LEADING OFF: Discipline on deck for Harper-Strickland brawl

If Harper is suspended it will be the first time in over a year.

The Giants ended up dropping the game 3-0 and are dropping towards the San Diego Padres at the bottom of the National League West. Mike Morse is about as big as they come and he was getting knocked around like a pinball. "So, be a little unsafe to get in there sometimes".

There are times when a fight will bring a team together. In the eighth, Hunter Strickland pegged Bryce Harper with a fastball, prompting Harper to charge the mound.

Strickland said he missed his spot. 'And I'll take what consequences come with it. San Francisco are 7-2 in their last 9 home games and the under is 16-7-1 in San Francisco last 24 home games while the under is 9-1-1 in Samardzija's last 11 home starts.

Some old-school baseball officials might argue that this should be left to the players to sort out, but that would be really stupid.

"I don't want to go on a baseball field and try to fight somebody".

"I don't think it's my place to go against the rules". The Nats failed to win the series even with those two homers, as evidenced by the World Series banner that now resides at AT&T. It's on his finger. "It's on his finger and he's able to look at it every single night".

It's an example that the good folks who run the San Francisco Giants should consider, as they weigh their options in how to clean up the ridiculous incident that one of their players sparked Monday.

Harper, however, also said Strickland did something right if it were an act of vengeance.

"What's a man supposed to do?" He's not a punching bag, he's human with emotions. "You can't let a guy take a free shot at you throwing (98).

Tough lineup. He gave us a chance", Giants manager Bruce Bochy said of his starter, who received zero runs of offensive support for the third time this season.

"It looks bad, it does", he said. You don't want to make a mistake there.

Strickland denied any intent.

"We're not here to brawl". "I'm not sure how all that goes". In postgame interviews, Strickland said he was trying to pitch Harper inside because, in 2014, he left fastballs over the plate and Harper brutalized them.

Giants teammates Michael Morse and Jeff Samardzija collided hard as they tried to get between the two fighters.

"Yeah, I can see how that kind of stands in people's minds but that's the past", Strickland said about 2014. Three Giants players forcefully dragged Strickland from the middle of the pack all the way into the dugout, while a teammate held back Harper.

Pence is on the disabled list, so he might be subject to disciplinary action for taking the field in a brawl - even in a peacemaker role.

The immediate reaction is that Strickland did it out of bitterness after Harper hit two home runs off of the pitcher back in the National League Division Series in 2014.

In Monday's Memorial Day game, Strickland made his intentions plain with his first pitch, plunking Harper with a stinging ball to the midriff. "But that's the past". I chose to go after him. "Mostly to go inside, and obviously I got it in a little bit too far".

But if Werth anticipated the whole thing, he was one of the few. "Those are some big guys tumbling on the ground. Next thing you know he's going after him", Posey told reporters afterwards. "It's unfortunate that's what happened".

Their brawl in the eighth inning enlivened an otherwise tiresome game in which Matt Moore mostly held down the NL's most potent lineup for seven innings yet the Giants failed to score against right-hander Tanner Roark. SF starter Matt Moore threw the ball well in a losing effort with a pair of runs plated on six hits including a solo bomb through seven innings of work.

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