Kishwaukee Cemetery service to honor fallen Veterans

"We miss him. The whole ceremony today, looking at the people and all that they've done and served for the country, it makes it all worthwhile", said Veal.

The Wicomico War Veterans' Memorial Committee started back in 2002 with a group of veterans from different branches coming together to preserve the memory of Wicomico County's fallen heroes.

Fort Logan National Cemetery honors Americans who have died in all wars. The cemetery will be decorated with flags and the American Legion will use the event to collect flags for proper disposal. While this holiday is often a time for families to gather for traditions they hold dear, Memorial Day should also be a time of reflection and gratitude.

Memorial Day is celebrated each May to commemorate the people who died in service of the United States of America.

Jim Segletes, 65, a Vietnam-era Marine visiting the grave of his father-in-law, a World War II veteran who died in 2000, said he thinks Americans became more patriotic and aware of military sacrifice after 9/11.

Today, small towns and big cities nationwide spend Memorial Day paying tribute to the fearless men and women who died to preserve our freedom.

Proudly singing our Nation's hymn is how many spent Memorial Day.

First known as "Decoration Day", the first official proclamation of the holiday was made in 1868 by an organization of Northern veterans which said that people should celebrate the day on May 30.

"It is definitely important to honor those who have fallen", Marzolf said. More than 600 Vietnam War veterans from the state flew to Washington, D.C., to visit the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

The ceremony's audio was broadcast through the facility's speakers, delivering Ellis' message to residents who were physically unable to attend the ceremony.

A ceremony at the Central Park gazebo, which included a flag-raising, the national anthem and the pledge of allegiance concluded Mansfield's observance of Memorial Day. "It's a blessing, even to give our own lives".

So what are your plans for Memorial Day?

  • Zachary Reyes