John Clayton out at ESPN

When ESPN was in the midst of massive layoffs last month, we knew that all the names would not be publicly released at the time.

That name is John Clayton, longtime ESPN NFL insider.

ESPN began its latest round of layoffs April 26, with around 100 people - many of whom occupied on-camera roles - being cut.

The network's bottom line has been adversely affected in recent years by the double whammy of a dwindling subscriber base and an astronomical increase in broadcast rights fees. Clayton has hosted the Seattle radio show since 1990.

Clayton, according to the report, will remain on the radio with ESPN Seattle, but the network doesn't actually own the ESPN-branded radio stations. His live shots and breaking news scoops became a staple of the network's National Football League coverage.

Aside from his numerous appearances on ESPN's National Football League coverage, whether it's on television, radio, in print or online, Clayton also hosts a show on ESPN Radio's Seattle, 710 ESPN Seattle. Every dollar you give buys four meals for the hungry.

In addition to his contributions as a reporter, Clayton also starred in one of ESPN's most popular "This Is "SportsCenter" commercials. As he jumps onto his bed with a container of leftover carryout food, he cranks up the tunes and yells, "Hey, Mom!"

  • Julie Sanders