Industry mourns death of Parvathamma Rajkumar

The Kannada film industry was plunged into grief as Dr Parvathamma Rajkumar, veteran producer and wife of the late legendary actor Dr Rajkumar, passed away on Wednesday at 4.40am. Parvathamma was suffering from breast cancer which later spread to her lungs, kidney and liver, according to statement released by the hospital. The late producer was being treated for multiple organ complication and all her three sons were by her bedside when she breathed her last. The body will be kept at Poorna Pragna Ground, Sadashivnagar for public to pay homage. He also stated that his mother's eyes will be donated as per the wish of his father and mother. Parvathamma was 78-year-old.

Her blood pressure dropped since last night following which she had a massive cardiac arrest at 4.40 a.m.

Fans took to Twitter to condole Parvathamma Rajkumar' death. In her successful stint as producer, she produced over 75 movies, preferring original stories for many films.

Parvathamma was born in Saligrama in the Mysore district of Karnataka on 6 December 1969. Their 87th production was Run Antony starring Vinay Rajkumar, her grandson. Her renal function had also been compromised.

In over 40 years of her career, she produced and distributed over 80 films under the banners of Poornima Enterprises and Sri Vajreswari Combines, including memorable movies of her husband like Halu Jenu, Kavirathna Kalidasa, Jeevana Chaitra and Akasmika. She was credited for introducing many actresses to Kannada like Sudharani, Malashri, Prema, Anu Prabhakar, Rakshita and Ramya.

  • Salvatore Jensen