Half of President Trump's twitter followers are bots

It's not surprising that as Trump's global profile has skyrocketed in the past 13 months, so too have the number of bots attached to his Twitter account-but it's astonishing how much the percentage of his followers that are fake has risen.

It would be very time consuming to investigate every single follower that Trump has, but according to Twitter Audit, nearly half of his 31 million followers are in fact fake.

So what could be the reasoning for this giant surge in Twitter followers? Usually, the bot accounts show no image of a person, just a shadowy outline of a human.

President Trump may be buying some twitter love.

Only Trump and perhaps some collection of his advisors know for certain if this president bought any of his 31 million followers.

As of Tuesday evening, Trump had 31 million followers on Twitter and while that seems like nothing to report home about for one of the most famous people on the planet, his following has jumped by five million in the last couple of days.

Each audit takes a sample of up to 5,000 Twitter followers for a user and calculates a score for each follower. "The simplest way to tell who's winning the Twitter game is by counting followers", he wrote.

Very few of Trump's new followers have ever tweeted, and most don't have a photo. Now he's at 30 million followers, but only 51 percent are real, which means of 10 million followers Trump has gained since January, about 8.3 million are fake.

So is Trump actually buying new followers?

In case you're wondering, 79 percent of Obama's followers are real.

  • Salvatore Jensen