Died Of Tobacco-Smoking In Gambia In 2014

Doctor Frank pointed out that last year's Tobacco-21 bill died in the Legislature because the state depends on the tax revenue from addicted teens to balance our state budget.

In the eve of World No Tabacco Day, the World Health Organization said that stamping out tobacco use can save millions of lives.

Chestnov said that the environmental damage caused by the tobacco industry goes far beyond the effects of cigarette smoke in the air.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) The Network Nadeem Iqbal said that for consumers the government has taken us five years back as in the proposed finance bill, Pakistan has revised its tobacco excise tax system in 2017-18, again moving from two-tiered to three tiered system.

An estimated 316 million people smoke in China, nearly a quarter of the population, and concerns are growing about the long-term effects on public health and the economy. Indirect health impacts include asphyxia (breathing difficulties) in newborn babies and low birth weights, making the child vulnerable to other diseases.

The report also highlights that tobacco contributes to 16 percent of all NCDs deaths.

He said it is estimated that 80 percent of premature deaths attributed to tobacco use occur in low-to middle-income countries, and this relates directly to PNG.

In addition to the health and economic costs linked to smoking, the WHO report for the first time delved into the environmental impact of everything from tobacco production to the cigarette butts and other waste produced by smokers.

That's especially true now that governments around the world are planning their SDG strategies, with officials and campaigners examining how to meet an extremely demanding schedule - for example, the requirement for a one-third cut in mortality for noncommunicable diseases, like cancer and heart attacks, by 2030. The rise was particularly sharp among young people, with almost half of those aged under 25 who smoke opting to use rolling tobacco. Many studies have shown that in the poorest households, tobacco spending often represents more than 10 per cent of total household expenditure - leaving less money for food, education and healthcare.

Fortunately, we have powerful tools to fight the tobacco epidemic.

The theme for World No Tobacco Day, which is today, is "Tobacco - a threat to development". It is also blamed for more than 7 million deaths per year.

There was criticism of tobacco companies' habit of using legal action in national and global courts to slow the progress of laws created to curb smoking. By increasing cigarette taxes worldwide by US$1, an extra US$ 190 billion could be raised for development.

"There are 2700 ME children that are alive today that will die prematurely due to tobacco related disease", said Hilary Schneider, Director of Government Relations for the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network in Maine.

The paper uses a new analysis to reveal that nearly 40% of the SDG's 169 targets interact positively with the WHO FCTC.

Vitality Institute Head Derek Yach‚ who headed the World Health Organisation tobacco control programme to reduce smoking worldwide‚ urged smokers to switch to vaping.

"Tobacco control can drive sustainable development, offering a comprehensive and cost-effective solution to the challenges tobacco use poses", Dr Shin said.

  • Joanne Flowers