Corbyn would go 'alone and naked' into Brexit talks, says Theresa May

The Labour leader was discussing his plan to extend 30 hours of free childcare to 2-4 year olds with presenter Emma Barnett. Our Prime Minister has done that now in the third election and got nowhere near meeting that figure.

Mr Corbyn replied: "It will cost ... it will obviously cost a lot to do so, we accept that".

Mr Corbyn said: "The contribution I made to that meeting was to call for a peace and dialogue process in Northern Ireland". British Prime Minister Theresa May's lead dropped to six percentage points in a poll published today, the latest major poll since the Manchester bombing to indicate the June 8 election could be much tighter than previously thought.

The Labour leader also refused to say he would block a second independence vote before Brexit is complete if Holyrood passed a motion on the timing, saying only he would "urge them very strongly" to delay it. That's why I was elected leader of our party: "to give a voice to our members and those affiliated to our party".

Asked whether this indicated that voters should not trust Labour with their money, he answered: "Not at all". "Does that sound about right?"

Jeremy Corbyn has said he would allow another Scottish independence referendum "if the Scottish Parliament and the Scottish people want it" because that is the "whole point" of devolution.

Challenged over whether he would "soften" the UK's foreign policy, Mr Corbyn said: "It's not about softening our foreign policy".

The policy would benefit more than 1.3 million children as complex rules mean only 40% of two-year-olds qualify while many working parents with three and four-year-old children are missing out, according to Labour.

Then, in fierce clashes with Mr Paxman, Mr Corbyn was asked why he had been unable to get his long-held belief in nuclear disarmament into the Labour manifesto, which backs the renewal of the Trident deterrent system.

Turning her fire directly on her rival for the premiership, Mrs May said: "He is simply not ready to govern and not prepared to lead".

Both Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn faced interviews with a live studio audience and Jeremy Paxman on Monday night - except the party leaders didn't actually appear together as the PM had previously declined to do a head-to-head.

Mr Corbyn was quizzed about his views on drone strikes, tax-raising plans and past campaigning in Northern Ireland. There has been anger within the party at plans in the manifesto to reform social care, only for Mrs.

But the Labour leader insisted that he would not put a figure on an immigration cap as he took a swipe at Mrs May's Government for failing to reach their pledged figure at their third election.

  • Zachary Reyes