Apparently Half Of Donald Trump's Twitter Followers Are Fake

These strategically timed cyber offensives would send computerized armies to circulate the internet, snatching selected news items and spreading them widely via Twitter and Facebook accounts. Trump tweeted. That message was retweeted - passed to other Twitter users - almost 28,000 times.

They could also be bots... or real people who all started their account on the same day and made a decision to follow him. SocialRank's recent analysis of Trump's 31 million followers found that 9.1 million of those (33 percent) had no profile photos and could be considered bots or inactive.

But why would Donald Trump have to (or even want to) buy Twitter followers to boost his numbers? Now he's at 30 million followers, but only 51 percent are real, which means of 10 million followers Trump has gained since January, about 8.3 million are fake.

Trump now has 31 million followers and, sure enough, if you browse through them you will find an unusal number of tweet-less, picture-less accounts that joined the service in May 2017. Either allies or enemies could be looking to swell followers of his Twitter account, and retweet anything he posts, the report says.

For comparison, back in April 2016, FiveThirtyEight reported that Trump had just 7.6 million Twitter followers and only eight per cent of those were fake, compared to the 49 per cent of questionable followers he now boasts. Twitteraudit says that the last time his account was audited, four months and one week ago, or shortly after Trump took office, 79 percent of Obama's followers were human and 21 percent appeared to be bots. Some posted images of the new followers, showing how they appeared to be fake.

Barrack Obama has 89 million followers, the third-most Twitter followers of anyone on the planet (only Katy Perry and Justin Biber have more). So what happened? Why is so much of Trump's Twitter following coming from seemingly fake accounts? However, it's fairly likely that folks are going to be paying attention to who is following the POTUS as his list of Twitter followers continues to grow.

However, Trump has little control over who follows his tweets.

  • Leroy Wright