Almost half Trump's Twitter followers are fake - audit site

So, why would the President be buying followers?

Author John Niven pointed out Tuesday morning that Trump's Twitter account saw a freaky spike in followers over the weekend - most of which were picture-less accounts that joined the site in May 2017 and have yet to post a single tweet.

Granted, it's pretty easy to buy followers - so Trump may not have actually bought them himself. In January, journalist Yashar Ali ran an audit on Trump's Twitter account and found that 68 percent of his then-20 million followers were real.

But it can be hard to distinguish between real followers and fake ones.

Twitter Audit checks several criteria to determine whether followers are bogus, including how often they tweet and the account's ratio of followers to those who follow it. Bots post lots of tweets in bursts and usually have few followers. Mande has 1.01 million followers on the social media platform favored by Donald Trump, but according to his bio, they're not exactly legit.

Indeed, in past instances, pro-Trump bot accounts have reportedly boosted some tweets supporting the president. That millions of fake accounts would glom onto the most controversial person on the planet, and subsequently on the social network, right now is hardly surprising. But if you check Twitter this morning, you will notice that "covfefe" is the top hashtag (at least top unpaid hashtag).

A large number of Katy Perry's followers on Twitter may be fake accounts.

In January, it a Twitter Audit report indicated that only 68 percent of Trump's Twitter followers were the real deal.

"The simplest way to tell who's winning the Twitter game is by counting followers". The #resistance - the cohort of Twitter users all racing to be the first smug reply to any of Trump's tweets - is keeping a close eye on the situation.

Rather than humans, they are robotic networks - known as bots - created to look like human followers but actually just computerized accounts. However, in January his Twitter followers likely included 32 percent bot and/or otherwise fake account.

Former POTUS, Barack Obama, fares much better. 61 percent of Clinton's followers, by contrast, are estimated to be authentic, giving her a 10 percent advantage over Trump.

Maybe Don's just trying to catch up?

  • Salvatore Jensen