What's Left As Clock Ticks Down To End Texas Legislative Session?

Abbott and Lt. Gov.

"I can tell you this, and that is when it gets to a special session, the time and the topics are exclusively up to the governor of the state of Texas, and we will be, if we have a special session, convening only on the topics that I choose at the time of my choosing", Abbott told reporters after a bill-signing ceremony in Austin. We're talking about a possible special legislative session.

As Texas Governor Greg Abbott delays making a decision about whether to call state lawmakers back to work for a special legislative session, the heads of some of the largest tech businesses in the world sent a message to the state leader.

Given Abbott's recent political posturing, a special session is all but assured, and the topics of discussion will relate to a "sunset bill" that would allow several crucial state agencies to continue operating, a property tax relief bill, and a "bathroom bill" restricting which public restrooms transgender people may use. Dan Patrick had named those issues priorities in the homestretch, and Patrick has pushed for a special session on them.

Abbott said that if he does call a special session, it will be over issues that he decides.

They were protesting Senate Bill 4, Texas' new ban on sanctuary cities, which will punish local governments that fail to enforce federal immigration laws starting September 1.

Special sessions can run for up to 30 days. It would ban transgender people from using the bathroom that matches their gender identity, among other forms of discrimination in locker rooms and more. With the signing of the bill, Lyft and Uber will resume operations in Austin. President Brad Smith, and Google's Sundar Pichai. "Our ability to attract, recruit and retain top talent, encourage new business relocations, expansions and investment, and maintain our economic competitiveness would all be negatively affected".

  • Larry Hoffman