Shenmue 3 will not be present at E3 2017

Oh, sure, Ys Net releases a new Shenmue III screenshot or snippet of gameplay here and there, but it remains rather unclear what those fat stacks of fan cash are being used for.

Ever since Shenmue 3 was announced at E3 2015 and smashed through its Kickstarter campaign, fans of the series have been clamouring to hear more about the game.

The new video is only a minute long, but it does show off a character we haven't seen before.

As part of its latest progress report for the title over on Kickstarter, developer Ys Net confirmed that it won't be getting involved in any "game shows" throughout the month of June, preferring to dedicate that time to game development instead. Don't expect anything awesome, as it's just short of a minute long and consists mostly of the new guy (whom they took great pains to keep anonymous) flexing his arms.

"Who's this new face...?"

"We have also been receiving questions from our backers regarding our plans to participate in the upcoming game show". However, that will not affect the inflow of updates, Ys Net assures us. You can check it out in the following video. On the other hand, we look forward to bringing you our monthly updates and hope you do too! Lastly, and before concluding, this move does not rule out other events on the horizon, it just simply means that the devs want to polish up the game where necessary.

  • Arturo Norris