Neill Blomkamp Is Making Short Movies For Steam

Neill Blomkamp, who directed District 9, Chappie, and Elysium, has announced the formation of Oat Studios, a production team that will, under the director's guidance, tell short sci-fi stories that explore more complex themes than you'll see in the standard Hollywood blockbuster.

On Monday the District 9 and Elysian filmmaker unveiled an enigmatic but visually striking teaser trailer for Oats Studios Volume 1, with glimpses of reptilian aliens, desperate humans, and dystopian warfare. The female narrator hints that the invaders came to exterminate humanity, and that the only choice is to adapt or die.

According to comments made by Blomkamp on his Twitter account, the director has been toying with the idea of distributing the shorts via Steam, though has since stated that Volume 1 "could be entirely free", with YouTube used as a platform.

Oats Studios as their website says makes "experimental short films" and a teaser for their debut, helmed by Blomkamp has just surfaced online.

Ditto for the actors involved: that's Sigourney Weaver 0:40. You bet your ass I'll be checking each of these shorts when they premiere.

In the wake of his scrapped Alien sequel, Blomkamp has been teasing his new project, Oats Studios, for some time.

We'll bring you more on Volume 1 and Blomkamp's other filmmaking plans as we get it.

  • Carolyn Briggs