Merkel Says Europe Can No Longer 'Completely Depend' On US, UK

After summits with US President Donald Trump, German Chancellor Angela Merkel says Europe must take its fate into its own hands.

"We Europeans truly have to take our destiny into our own hands", the chancellor added, while stressing the importance of maintaining good relations with the U.S. and the United Kingdom, and improving ties with Russian Federation, as reported in EFE.

At the Sunday campaign event, Merkel said that Europeans would continue to work in friendship with the USA, the United Kingdom and others wherever possible, including Russian Federation, but stressed her view that Europeans must be self-reliant.

Seeking her fourth term, Merkel, 62, brandished a tankard of beer after projecting herself as a defender of global stability after nearly 12 years in office.

Merkel's remarks were meant to signal a new way of approaching transatlantic relations with both the USA and the the latter prepares to leave the European Union, a spokesman for the German leader confirmed on Monday.

"Where Germany can help, Germany will help, because Germany can only do well if Europe is doing well", she declared.

Speaking on the campaign trail after contentious summit meetings in Belgium and Italy, Ms. Merkel said: "The times in which we could rely fully on others, they are somewhat over".

Merkel also emphasized the continued need for friendly relations with the USA and others.

Then, at the Group of Seven summit of leaders of major world economies on Friday and Saturday, he refused to endorse the Paris agreement on combating climate change, punting a decision until this week. "They are a pillar for our foreign and security policy and Germany will continue to work on strengthening those relationships".

"Those who have accompanied Chancellor Merkel journalistically for a long time know how important the German-American relations are", Seibert said. Merkel reiterated the point a month later during a speech in Malta.

The comments from Mattis come after Trump tweeted on Saturday he would take a decision "next week" on whether to stick to or renege on the Paris accord.

"The whole discussion about climate was very hard, not to say unsatisfactory", she said. "That means there are so far no signs whether the United States of America will remain in the Paris agreement or not".

Germany's exasperation was laid bare after the G7 summit which wrapped up on Saturday with the USA refusing so far to sign up to upholding the 2015 Paris climate accord.

Germany has also bristled at criticism from Trump over North Atlantic Treaty Organisation defense spending and the country's large trade surplus.

Merkel said that as the traditional western alliance is threatened by the new US presidency and Brexit.

When Trump was inaugurated in January, Merkel had told the billionaire and former reality TV show star that cooperation would be on the basis of shared democratic values.

"I've never seen her in 12 years give up on anything", she said.

  • Salvatore Jensen