Google now shows personal tab in search filters

Google has added a new tab to its Search application.

When you open up a browser window with Google Search as your default search engine, simply type the search term as you normally would.

There's been no official announcement from Google yet but it seems the roll out has been relatively widespread, making us think this is more than a limited trial.

Within the tab are instances where Google has found a personal connection between you and the topic being searched for, which is gleaned from the data Google collects on its users.

While that is good at times as it puts the focus on topics that you are likely more interested in, it is making it hard to break out of the bubble to form an educated opinion about a particular subject. If it is the first, it is nothing more than a basic copy of Gmail Search built right into Google Search with an added photos search component.

Instead of going through the zillion photos stored in Google photos on your phone, how would you like it if you could just run a search on the search engine and find the relevant photo?

To access the Personal tab, simple head to, and perform a regular search.

With the new Personal tab, Google basically goes through your personal sources like Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Photos library. Plus, to give you peace of mind that these things aren't out there for the world to see, Google will also display a "Only you can see these results" message next to each card.

This new feature is available for both mobile clients as well as desktop and if you cannot find the Personal tab, you can head towards the More menu and find the settings.

  • Arturo Norris