Engine fire prompts Newark Airport shutdown

Passengers on a United flight evacuated via emergency slide at Newark Airport Tuesday night after the control tower spotted a fire in one of the plane's engines.

Three people suffered minor injuries, according Neal Buccino, spokesman for the Port Authority of NY and New Jersey.

As the plane was taxiing on the runway, one of the plane's engines appeared to be in flames.

Emergency chutes were deployed from United 1579 and passengers evacuated after "flames were reported coming from the right side of the engine", according to the Federal Aviation Administration.

"It was supposed to leave at 8:20 p.m., [but] at 9 p.m. we were still on the tarmac".

"The images and information presented were neither graphic nor disrespectful of victims, and consistent with the common line of reporting on weapons used in horrific crimes", the paper said.

It's unclear when the airport will reopen.

A United Airlines plane collided with an American Airlines plane at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport Wednesday night near the terminal gates.

About 124 passengers and seven crew members left the plane, according to sources.

Passengers commended the flight's crew for their handling of the situation, a stark contrast to earlier incidents on United flights that sparked widespread calls for a boycott of the airline.

"We went down the slides as they screamed, 'Get away from the plane!"

During a United Airlines flight from Shanghai to New Jersey, an unnamed passenger reportedly became disruptive. The flight eventually arrived in Newark on Monday at 2.25 am with a delay of eight hours.

  • Zachary Reyes