Donald Trump 'to pull U.S. out of Paris climate change agreement'

President Donald Trump has said he will decide whether to withdraw from the Paris accord climate change deal in the next week. But the White House said Friday that Trump's view on the topic is "evolving" after hearing other views during the summit.

After starting his first presidential trip overseas wreathed in smiles, Trump ended it with rebukes, upbraiding America's European partners over military spending, trade and global warming.

Donald Trump has told "confidants" that he plans to pull out of a major global climate change agreement.

Trump has a penchant for floating ideas to gauge reactions, so his conversations - if they happened - could be just that. Our egotistical President can't stand not being in the spotlight, regardless of the issue, and the biggest issue, next to the Russian Federation probe for many citizens around the world is Trump's stance on climate change.

On the campaign trail, Trump vowed he'd cancel the agreement and argued that it hurts USA interests, however, his closest advisers are divided.

What is the Paris Agreement?

Still, the USA -less consensus on climate change remains encouraging.

Paul Cook from Tearfund added: "This is a disappointing statement on climate change that does not go far enough in outlining how the G7 plans to meet the agreement to keep global warming well below 2°C made in Paris to tackle climate change".

This week's G7 summit was supposed to focus on security and immigration, but climate change took the spotlight, leaving member states divided. The announcement on the final day of the US president's first worldwide trip comes after he declined to commit to staying in the sweeping climate deal, resisting intense global pressure from his peers at the summit.

He was pitted against the leaders of Germany, France, Britain, Italy, Canada and Japan on several issues, with European diplomats frustrated at having to revisit questions they thought had been long settled.

"He is spending time on climate, he is spending time on the Paris agreement", Cohn said.

The macho posturing in Europe contrasted to the images, a few days earlier, of Trump and his team swaying, swords in hand, with the absolute rulers of Saudi Arabia at a lavish welcome ceremony given by King Salman.

Alden Meyer, the director of strategy and policy for the Union of Concerned Scientists, an advocacy group in Washington, said the discord over climate change was unusual for G-7 meetings.

  • Joanne Flowers