Australian to send 30 additional advisers to Afghanistan

Ms Payne said that the troops would help train Afghan security forces.

"Given the centrality of Afghanistan in the global fight against terrorism, an enhanced Australian contribution to the resolute support mission is both timely and appropriate", Marise Payne was quoted as saying by BBC.

Senator Payne said North Atlantic Treaty Organisation had asked Australia to make a commensurate increase in troop numbers without putting a specific number on it.

In February, US General John Nicholson, the commander of NATO's Resolute Support mission, requested several thousand more worldwide troops to break a stalemate against the Taliban, the remnants of al Qaeda, Islamic State and other Islamist groups.

Defence Force Chief Mark Binskin described the increase as "modest".

Mr English said he did not have any details about what role the two people requested might play, for example whether they would be intelligence or special forces officers.

If agreed, the move would be largely a symbolic gesture of support for the increase of other Coalition forces there to address a deteriorating security situation.

Australia has so far deployed 270 members of its Armed Forces in Afghanistan, with some 780 in Iraq and Syria, where they are assigned to provide assistance and training and to collaborate in aerial strikes, respectively.

Prime Minister Bill English said the U.S. made the request on behalf of the NATO-led force.

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  • Zachary Reyes