Andrew Scheer voted leader of the federal Conservative Party

For the first 12 rounds of counting Saturday night, the leader they were poised to elect was Maxime Bernier, a Quebec MP with a libertarian bent whose policy proposals included slaying sacred cows like supply management in agriculture and federal health care funding.

When O'Toole dropped off the ballot, it appeared most of his supporters had picked Scheer as their second choice, as that's who won on the next, and final, round.

Will he be influenced by the hard right social conservatives, who clearly had a part in his victory, or will he move the party to a more moderate position? "We come out of this leadership campaign united and ready to defeat Justin Trudeau and the Liberals in 2019".

"When the dust settles, my team is going to give me a list of everyone who was with me from day one - the people who supported and donated to my campaign", the letter read.

"I think Lisa Raitt put it best on Friday night in her speech that when the victor is selected, we have to focus on the next campaign and not the last one - the next campaign obviously being 2019, which is the general election", he said Sunday.

Kellie Leitch had hoped she could, running a campaign seizing on populist themes of anti-elitism and a Canadian values test for newcomers.

For members of the party who attended the convention to elect only the second leader since 2004, half left excited about the future and the other half were shaking their heads.

He said it will be interesting to see how voters react to Scheer's social conservative views. "The Conservative Party is made up of individuals from a wide-range of backgrounds".

This is not the first time Andrew Scheer has delivered a political surprise.

Another front-runner, Maxime Bernier, said not much at all, letting a video of his supporters do most of the talking as they spoke about why they back his campaign and its central focus on removing government involvement in business.

Harper resigned as party leader after the election.

Moreover, he said Scheer is "so much to the right on social issues than where Quebecers are".

Stephen Harper, the Conservative leader Scheer now succeeds, once wrote that it was his loathing for Pierre Trudeau, and particularly his 1980 National Energy Policy, that pushed him toward Conservative passions as a young man. Scheer praised Harper from the podium this evening, and many Conservatives saw him as a leadership aspirant who would offer a large degree of continuity with the Harper era.

The Liberals are also aware the political playing field is different.

Scheer ran on a campaign that largely echoed numerous policies and priorities of his predecessor, Stephen Harper, in a clear sign that the party membership weren't quite ready to take a huge jump into the unknown.

The sections of Scheer's campaign website that outlined his policies were removed immediately after his victory Saturday.

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"I guess they call them conservatives for a reason", he said.

  • Julie Sanders