Advertisers Bow to Activist Left, Begin Pulling Ads from Hannity

With advertising revenue making up the vast majority of proceeds for the Hannity show, it won't be surprising if Fox decides to terminate their contract with Hannity over both the conspiracy theory that the news station has said they don't stand by, as well as the loss in advertising dollars caused by the controversy.

But Fox News might not be laughing after seven advertisers pulled sponsorship of Hannity's show when he vowed to continue pursuing a conspiracy theory suggesting Democratic National Convention staffer Seth Rich was murdered for leaking documents to WikiLeaks.

Hannity recently came under fire for repeatedly promoting a baseless conspiracy theory that the death of DNC staff member Seth Rich last summer was not, as police stated, a botched robbery, but that the young man was assassinated after providing documents to WikiLeaks.

Sean Hannity signed off his show Wednesday night, a day after the cable news network retracted a story he had been pushing. Liberal group Media Matters posted a list of Hannity's advertisers on Tuesday in an attempt to encourage more advertisers to drop the show.

- Sean Hannity (@seanhannity) May 23, 2017 I said publicly over and over to the Rich Family they are in my thoughts and prayers. We don't have the ability to influence content at the time we make our advertising purchase. The automotive website told the newspaper they'd been "watching closely" and finally made the decision yesterday, joining an exodus of six other companies.

Advertiser boycotts can quickly move network policy - Bill O'Reilly, the Fox anchor felled by a wave of sexual harassment allegations, was partly done in after brands refused to air their ads with his program.

The Times reported that Fox News declined to comment on the pullout by advertisers but noted that Hannity would be off the rest of the week on a scheduled holiday. Hannity jumped on the report and publicized it on his site. The conservative show host has since backed off the story - "for now", he announced Tuesday. said in a statement that its decision to advertise on a show doesnt mean it agrees or disagrees with its content.

But Hannity continued to push the conspiracy story on his radio show, saying, "All you in the liberal media, I am not or; I retracted nothing".

The Fox News affiliate in D.C. hosts Rod Wheeler, a private detective who claims there is "absolutely" a "confirmed" connection between Rich and Wikileaks.

Soon after, a reader forwarded ThinkProgress a response he got from Leesa Sleep, an e-commerce mattress company, when he asked if they would reconsider advertising with Hannity.

If enough advertisers flee, will Hannity be forced out?

  • Zachary Reyes