Trump budget could cost Idaho schools $16.1 million

Rep. Mark Sanford (R-S.C.) tore into President Trump's proposed budget in a hearing with the president's budget director Mick Mulvaney on May 24. The effect on those constituents would be quickly felt.

Host Steve Doocy jokingly asked Mulvaney if it was true that children would die and seniors would starve if Trump's budget passed.

Funding for federal programs that aid South Carolina's education system and the state's poor face deep cuts in President Donald Trump's budget proposal, leaving advocates and some state lawmakers warning of dire consequences if Congress advances the plan. "Tell the American people why you think that's good when you cut Medicaid and you cut programs for kids".

The President wants legislators to cut at least $610bn (£471bn) from the Medicaid - a healthcare programme for the poor - and more than $192bn (£148bn) from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (Snap), the modern version of food stamps - as well as several other initiatives.

Former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said the budget shows an "unimaginable level of cruelty" for millions of Americans and children.

It is fitting that while President Trump is traveling the world, sealing a weapons deal with Saudi Arabia, he would drop his own kind of bomb on the American people: his budget proposal for the coming fiscal year, titled, of course, "The New Foundation for American Greatness".

"If you look at the methodology, they assume that folks who were on Medicaid, which is free, will choose to get off Medicaid when the mandate goes away".

The proposal depends on sustained growth projections above 3 percent which most economists view as overly optimistic. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that would reduce federal Medicaid spending by $839 billion over 10 years.

Trump's budget aims to go bigger, laying the groundwork "for a larger, more capable, and more lethal joint force [and] warfighting readiness". The austerity measures "are astonishing and frankly immoral", Congresswoman Pramilla Jayapal told Mr Mulvaney as he testified to the House Budget Committee on Wednesday.

In agriculture, the proposed budget would limit subsidies to farmers, including for purchasing crop insurance, a move already attacked by farm state lawmakers. "We stand by the numbers", he said.

This would "imperil the course of development and economic growth worldwide, as well as exacerbating the very global threats and challenges that require USA leadership more than ever", it said in a statement. All federal programs should be continually evaluated for effectiveness and affordability, and that must include Social Security and Medicare, regardless of the politics. "And the rhetoric, this demagoguery just doesn't help the debate at all", Mulvaney said.

Rep. John Carter, a Texas Republican who chairs the subcommittee, described the proposed cuts as "worrisome" and also questioned the need to add thousands of new immigration jail beds.

"Those findings, combined with the proposed $600-plus billion in additional reduced Medicaid spending included in Trump's budget, represent "'draconian" cuts to the nation's social safety net are an "assault' on veterans and their families", the senator said.

  • Zachary Reyes