Russian narrow body makes successful first flight

"Part of this sum came as a prepayment for future planes", he said.

The aircraft's maiden flight was much shorter than that of its Chinese competitor and other similar aircraft, that had flown for an hour or longer and at a higher altitude.

MC-21 is the first Russian-made narrowbody commercial passenger aircraft designed in the post-Soviet era.

According to pilot Oleg Kononenko, who was in the cockpit alongside Roman Taskaev, the flight was fully within the nominal parameters and revealed no obstacles to further test.

Russian Federation has its hopes set on competing with the Airbus A320 and Boeing 737, which dominate the worldwide civil aviation market.

The Russian aircraft's debut is the latest in a series of aviation firsts in 2017.

Unlike the plane's roll-out from the assembly line earlier in May, manufacturer Irkut Corporation and its state-controlled parent company United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) did not announce the 30-minute test flight of an MS-21-300 model ahead of time. The unusually busy year has featured a parade of maiden flights by new models from airplane makers around the world.

But while Russian Federation is pushing the MC-21 with airlines around the world as a way to increase its non-military aerospace exports, Comac has shown less interest in selling the C919 overseas.

Russian narrow body makes successful first flight

The MC-21 features industry first polymer composite wing, that reduce aircraft weight and improve fuel efficiency.

Manturov says the experience obtained through the MC-21 programme will "strengthen" Russia's position in the global aerospace market.

In Russia's new history, only one airliner, the regional Sukhoi Superjet 100, has been manufactured from scratch.

The aircraft has the capacity to fit between 163 and 211 passengers and a maximum flight range of 6,000 kilometers.

"VEB Group invested 90 million US dollars in the construction of the first Russian narrow-bodied passenger MS-21 plane".

Russia's state development bank Vnesheconombank (VEB) Chairman Sergei Gorkov said Sunday that the bank had invested $90 million in the creation of the first copy of the MC-21 aircraft.

The MC-21 is packed with advanced carbon fiber technology and flight controls that haven't yet made their way to Boeing and Airbus aircraft.

  • Zachary Reyes