Police, air ambulance called as English zoo is evacuated

The Hamerton Wildlife Park in Cambridgeshire of England has been evacuated due to what the ambulance service has called a "very serious incident" on Monday, the British media said.

As yet the nature of the "serious incident" is to be confirmed.

There are unconfirmed reports it involves a tiger but police are reported to have said no animals have escaped and members of the public are safe.

We were called around 11.15am to reports of a serious incident at Hamerton Park.

"An East Ambulance Service paramedic crew and two rapid response vehicles were also in attendance, alongside the Police".

A zoo in the United Kingdom has been evacuated following a "very serious incident".

"Then they actually let us back in for around 15 or 20 minutes before the zookeepers started running around in a bit more of a panic and saying everyone had to get out".

According to an image uploaded to Twitter police are present at the zoo along with an air ambulance. When asked whether that meant the attack was within the enclosure, a Cambridgeshire Police spokesperson told BuzzFeed News "I can't say yes or no to that". "Evacuated and air ambulance/police/ambulances".

  • Leroy Wright