Pogba on Makkah pilgrimage sends Ramzan greetings

Manchester United midfielder and practising Muslim Paul Pogba has chose to take some time off and head to the Holy Land to find solace.

Once the game is done, Pogba has been seen continuing celebrating his victory by flying to Saudi Arabia.

"We played for the people who died", Pogba told BT Sport.

Pogba broke the world record for the most expensive transfer fee last summer.

It is still not known if the 24-year-old would fast in the month of Ramadan, considering he will be playing for France against Praguay, Sweden and England in June.

He has previously visited Mecca to perform the Hajj - a journey every adult Muslim is expected to make in their lifetime.

The French footballer first announced his trip on Instagram, where he wrote that he is on his way "to go say thank you for this season", adding "en route to my prayers". See you soon Manchester!

"Most lovely thing I've seen in my life", wrote Pogba, shown wearing the white cloth of Muslims performing umrah, the lesser pilgrimage which is popular during Ramadan. It was just three days after he lifted the Europa League trophy.

The France global is taking some time off before returning for pre-season.

  • Julie Sanders