'Pirates of the Caribbean' tops box office, 'Baywatch' sinks

That put Pirates into the driver's seat for the weekend, and the Friday combined with Thursday previews came in at $23.4 million, below where Disney had hoped, and the lowest since the original Pirates opened in 2003. The second installment of the "Guardians of the Galaxy" movie series earned an estimated $19.9 million on the three-day weekend and approximately $24.2 million after Memorial Day.

This isn't fake news! So, with that budget and Johnny Depp's stream of crap titles since that release, there was a ton of risk for Pirates 5 leading up to the opening. Amid a summer of disappointing box office flops, Guardians is an impressive early success story that continues to dominate each weekend, having yet to fall out of the top two in its first month in theaters.

Arenberg reveals that all Pirates of the Caribbean actors had to undergo cannons and sword training in Pirate School, headed by the man who lent many hours on Star Wars as the body of Darth Vader, the late lightsaber master Bob Anderson. "He was like, 'I don't know, $2 million.' I was like, 'For snacks?' And he was like, 'Yeah?' That sounds frivolous, but it wasn't". With $783 million globally, Disney and Marvels “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” has surpassed the first “Guardians” movies total earnings. It is also opening overseas and those numbers are just coming in. The film saw a 90 percentdrop in collections at the box office within one week of its release. Baywatch comes in ahead of #4 finisher Alien: Covenant, which earned an estimated $10.5 million.

Paramount's "Baywatch" adaptation did manage to take third-place overall, but the studio can't be happy with the film's $18M debut. In the case of "Pirates", the enervating feel of more of the same swashbuckling is combined with knowing you gave Johnny Depp all that money so he could squander it on crap and a bad short marriage. BoxOfficeMojo predicted $23 million over three days for the picture, which cost $69 million to make.

Just for context: Prometheus finished its domestic theatrical run in 2012 with $126.5 million in ticket sales, plus an additional $276.9 million from foreign audiences - and it never even opened in China. Check out the May 26-28 box office figures below.

  • Salvatore Jensen