Mercedes try to solve Lewis Hamilton's auto problems which threaten title tilt

"I like the notion of underdog, as because the underdog is people obviously want to see win", Wolff said. A lot of people including Hamilton believed that Ferrari used this strategy on goal to let Vettel get ahead to boost his title chances. "It's clear to me that Ferrari have chosen their No.1 driver, so they'll be pushing everything to make sure Sebastian is maximised on all of his weekends".

"I tried everything I could to get close to Bottas, you can say we stopped too early or should have gone longer but that is always easy to think after the race". However, he now trails Vettel by 25 points in the title race and was clear that he could not afford to suffer similar problems again.

A frustrated Kimi Raikkonen was left unable to explain how Ferrari's strategy unfolded in Monaco and saw him lose the lead to team mate Sebastian Vettel.

"Valtteri has been doing a great job and I don't now feel we have to favour one or the other".

Despite Mercedes' struggles in Monaco, Hamilton is pleased to have salvaged points he believes could turn out to be "valuable" in the closing stages of the title run in.

"They deserved to win because they had the quickest vehicle out there", said Wolff. I was devastated yesterday but to come away with some points is better than nothing.

"We were well beaten and so I think we are the underdog and we need to catch up", said Wolff as the tifosi celebrated with enthusiasm all around the Mediterranen principality. McLaren's Jenson Button collided with a safety auto collision.

"It was the most unusual way the auto has felt in all the years I've been with the team".

"You never like seeing a auto tip over because you don't know if his head's going to hit anything, but the most important thing is that Pascal is okay".

"If anyone overtakes here I'll give you a tenner", said Jenson Button on the pre-race drivers' parade.

Having endured a torrid weekend at the famous street circuit, the three-time world champion finally got to grips with his Mercedes to secure a useful six points. A harsh score, perhaps, bearing in mind he finished seventh having worked his way up the pack after that terrible qualifying, but seventh place and its ensuing points is no good for the Brit when the championship leader is enjoying comfortable wins.

"We have definitely got to improve our understanding of the auto and see if we can do a better job", said Hamilton, who is due at Mercedes' Northamptonshire factory on Thursday.

"I'm just happy to be back on the podium to be honest".

Daniel Ricciardo, Vettel's teammate during a dismal season at Red Bull in 2014, finished third to make it an even worse day for Mercedes.

  • Julie Sanders